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Structural Failure

Structure Failure Cause Your Injury?

San Jose Construction Accident Attorney Explains Who Can Be Responsible

Despite the rigid standards for constructing structures, buildings can fail. Sometimes these tragedies occur due to natural disasters that are almost impossible to prevent. Unfortunately, structural failure usually occurs as a result of human error. For example, architects can miscalculate and construction workers can provide substandard work. Alternatively, investors can make decisions based on greed and decide to build over eroding land. In some cases, building owners construct facades that engineers advise against, as they can easily fall. If you have been involved in a building collapse or structure failure, you may have been injured or experienced losses. A San Jose construction accident attorney can investigate your accident to determine if another party’s negligence contributed to your injury.

Attorney Braid Pezzaglia knows how serious structural failure can be. Our California construction injury attorneys have experience in representing individuals, property owners, contractors, investors and other entities. We work with workers and citizens across industries in all types of structure accidents. Depending on the circumstances you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Our law firm’s goal is to help you pursue compensation from negligent parties that contributed to your injury.


What Causes a Structural Failure?

Unfortunately, almost every structural failure is preventable. One reason for this is due to regulations that are in place to prevent failures. In California, we have the California Building Standards Commission in place to prevent building collapses due to structural failure. However, there are still many types of structural failure that can contribute to an accident. Corners are sometimes cut, designs are flawed or foundation fails because of soil quality. Our San Jose construction accident attorney has investigated structural failures that involve:


  • Structure Failure Due to Soil: If you see large cracks in floors or ceilings, this can be a sign of soil damaging a structure. Other signs of foundation failure include lateral cracks along city streets, curbs protruding above receding sidewalks and raised manholes. Some cities, like Milwaukee, have a high risk structure failure due to unstable soil that the metropolitan area is called “The Sinking City.”
  • Building Collapse Due to Design: Architectural and construction design are can easily contribute to a building collapse. Usually, the taller the structure, the more complicated the design. Designers are expected to carefully ensure that all applied loads can be sustained. However, sometimes inappropriate designs or wrong calculations end up in a finished structure.
  • Building Failure Due to Workmanship: Sometimes a structure is well designed and built over appropriate soil. Nonetheless, inferior quality of work can result in a serious construction defect.


What Are Examples of Structural Failure?

Some structures fail more often than others. Usually, most structure failures happen in a metropolitan area. Part of the reason for this is due to the vertical design of cities. Another reason is due to the placing of so many buildings near each other. If you have been involved with a structural failure of any kind, contact a California construction attorney. A lawyer can help you investigate the details to determine if a party’s negligence contributed to your injury. Our San Jose construction accident attorney has experience handling structural failures that involve:


  • Structure Fires: Structure fires are tragically common in California. These fires commonly stem from poorly installed gas lines and flammable materials in the building. Additionally, furnace or water heater issues can contribute to a structure fire. Injuries usually involve serious burns and smoke inhalation damage.
  • Bridge Collapse: Bridge collapses often result in catastrophic injury or a wrongful death. Usually, bridges collapse due to critical design defects. However, poor construction materials, lack of repairs or ineffective inspections can also contribute.
  • Building Collapse: Usually, human error is the root element of a building collapse. However, it is not uncommon to see a building collapse due to a natural disaster. These tragedies can have a direct impact on surrounding businesses and individuals.


Building Collapse Injury? Contact Our San Jose Construction Accident Attorney Now

Have you been injured from a poorly designed structure after a natural disaster? Have you lost a loved one due to a bridge or other structure failure? Losses from faulty structures can be devastating and life-altering. No one should suffer from a building collapse injury due to someone else’s negligence. Unfortunately, without legal representation, it can be difficult to pursue compensation. You need a team of professionals that can gather evidence, scrutinize reports and protect your best interests.

For decades, our construction accident lawyers have helped people strengthen claims and mitigate risk. As a result, our firm has acquired multi-million dollar settlements for our clients. The success of our San Jose construction accident law firm stems from our experience and compassion. If you have been injured as a result of a structural failure, we can help. Contact the Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia online or call our firm at (408) 752-5832 for a free consultation.

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