Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Injuries caused by dog bites or other dangerous animals present a unique set of circumstances. The incident itself can be very emotionally traumatic in addition to dealing with what can be a very catastrophic injury. To add insult to injury, often the insurance company will argue the owner or caretaker of the animal did not know the animal had prior dangerous behaviors, or that somehow the victim consented to the risk of being injured by participating in whatever the activity.

It is important to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney immediately after the incident. Many times there is no police or other investigative report. Although it is common to immediately think it obvious as who is at fault and why, evidence need be preserved and developed. This can include photos of the broken fence detailing the weathered wood, the placement and effectiveness of signage or warnings, the configuration of a parcel or the structure on the property, or as with an equine injury, the type of correctional bit used on a horse with a heavy mouth.

Dangerous animals can cause serious neurological damage in addition to quadriplegia, bone fractures, and gruesome facial disfigurement. Mr. Pezzaglia has handled dog bite and other dangerous animal cases for nearly 20 years. He has held accountable time and again those persons whose carelessness, negligence or other wrongful behavior caused life altering injuries. It is Mr. Pezzaglia’s years of evaluating the facts and circumstances, questioning assumptions, and strategically arguing cases that have led to millions of dollars of settlements and judgments.