Defective Products

Cases involving a dangerous product present a unique set of circumstances. It is important to keep and preserve the defective product if you can so that it can be examined and evaluated for what went wrong. Photographs of the dangerous product, and the facts and circumstances in which it caused injury, are also a good idea. Sometimes the defect is a bad design. Sometimes the product is defective because of poor construction. Sometimes the product is dangerous because it came with inadequate warning of how to safely use the product, or maybe there was no warning about what to expect at all.

Injuries from defective products can be catastrophic, and frequently are both serious and life altering. Explosions may occur causing severe burns and permanent scaring and disfigurement, or perhaps the loss of an eye, or even the amputation of a hand, arm, foot or leg. Injuries may also include tearing of muscles, ligaments, and sometimes microtrauma in the case of long term use.

Braid Pezzaglia has handled dangerous and defective products cases for nearly 20 years. He has held accountable businesses that sell to the public and expose people to unreasonable risks of injury due to dangerous and defective products. It is Mr. Pezzaglia’s years of evaluating the facts and circumstances, questioning assumptions, and strategically arguing cases that have led to millions of dollars of settlements and judgments.