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Construction Accident

Construction Injury Due to Worksite Negligence?

San Jose Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help with a Work Injury Claim

It is hard to imagine something more life-altering than sustaining a serious injury due to some else’s negligence. Nonetheless, construction accidents contribute to injuries every day. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there have been over 197,000 construction site injuries since 2008. In fact, about 16 percent of all workplace fatalities in 2011 happened at construction sites. Unfortunately, determining who is liable at a construction site can be difficult. After all, there are many parties. Depending on the details, contractors, owners, renters, sub-contractors, managers and other individuals can be responsible. If you have questions about your injury, our San Jose construction accident lawyer can help.

At The Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia, we know how to help accident victims. Our San Jose construction accident attorneys have strengthened damage claims for years. Our firm has represented passersby, construction employees and other individuals in personal injury claims. If you were injured by visiting or walking by a construction site, contact our San Jose construction accident lawyer. We work with workers across industries in every type of accident. Whether you are a union member, independent contractor or citizen, we are prepared to help.

Do I Need a Construction Accident Lawyer?

Immediately after receiving medical help, you should pursue legal representation. San Jose construction accident lawyer can investigate your accident and help determine liability. For example, it could be that a third party contributed to your injuries. A California construction accident attorney can scrutinize evidence, reports and witnesses. In addition, a San Jose attorney can advise you on what claim is best suited for your unique case. Furthermore, a construction accident law firm can guide you through the complex process. Some common construction accidents that our San Jose construction accident lawyer can help with involve:

  • Debris: Since equipment, materials and people are moving so much during construction, debris can easily accumulate. For this reason, falling debris can cause injuries like a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Slip and Fall: The leading cause of construction site fatalities are slips and falls. Fault scaffolding, uneven surfaces, improper signage and portable ladders all contribute to San Jose slip and fall cases.
  • Crane Injuries: Cranes operate when mobile or fixed. In either case, their extreme heavy loads can place workers at risk. For example, a crane malfunction or improper operation can lead to catastrophic injury.
  • Electrical Accidents: If you work in construction, you are routinely around power lines, electrical wiring and other equipment. A defective product or improper safety procedures can result in a risk of electrocution.

How Do I File Construction Accident Claims?

In most cases, construction accidents that involve non-employees are treated like a standard personal injury claim. Since this is the case, you can file an injury lawsuit against the individual in charge of the construction site. In addition to these entities, you may be able to file a claim against other responsible parties. This can include insurance companies, negligent employees or subcontractors. However, if you are an employee, the details of your claim can be different.

In general, you can use workers compensation claims in a construction accident. These claims do not place blame with the employer as they do not sue an employer for negligence or fault. A California state board can review your claim to determine if compensation is to be paid. Alternatively, a construction employee can also file a personal injury lawsuit. You can be eligible for these claims if misconduct or a manufacturers product lead to your injury. In any case, contact our San Jose construction accident lawyer as soon as possible. A personal injury lawyer can investigate the details of your accident with a team of experts.

Construction Site Injury? Contact San Jose Law Firm for a Free Consultation

Have you been injured at a construction site? Are you struggling to pay compounding medical bills or facing time off work? Believe a third party has contributed to your injury? Unfortunately, without professionals, it can be difficult to determine who has contributed to your injuries. After all, no one can be a medical provider, lawyer, insurance adjuster and safety expert all at once. If you have questions about your rights, our team of experts can investigate your accident.

At The Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia, our personal injury law firm’s success stems from our experience and compassion. For decades, we have represented individuals and businesses across industries in a wide range of construction site accident claims. With a free initial consultation, our legal team can review the details of your accident. Afterward, we can let you know if there is any way we can strengthen your claim. Contact our San Jose construction accident attorneys online or call our firm today at 408-650-8955.

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