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Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia

Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia Supports Local Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC)

Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia is supporting local community group Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) through their fundraiser Moving Forward Together. CHAC is a nonprofit group based in Mountain View that provides counseling and mental health services to children, individuals, and families in Santa Clara County. Their mission is “to improve lives and strengthen communities through access to comprehensive and culturally responsive mental health services in northern Santa Clara County.”

How Will My Donation Help CHAC?

Your donation to CHAC’s Moving Forward Together will ensure that CHAC is able to continue to provide mental health services to children, individuals, and families, regardless of their ability to pay.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CHAC has been providing telehealth counseling services. CHAC will continue to provide telehealth services this summer at reduced fees to those in need. They will provide free telehealth services to students who are current clients in the 35 schools they serve. Additionally, CHAC is providing parenting groups in Spanish and English to support parents during this time.

The Moving Forward Together event ends on June 10. You can find more information about their fundraising event and make a donation here: https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/ForwardTogether. If you would like to donate to CHAC, but it is outside of the fundraiser window, you can always support CHAC through their website.