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Warning Signs That Your Uber or Lyft Driver is Dangerous

Ridesharing has become a huge alternative to personal vehicles and public transportation, especially in larger cities. Uber and Lyft have solved a lot of problems for drivers; paying for parking is no longer an issue, ridesharing is often quicker and cheaper than taxis, and ridesharing is often far more accessible. In recent news, however, there have been reports of dangerous actions and behavior by both Uber and Lyft drivers and passengers. Riding in a vehicle with a stranger will always have risks, but there are ways that you, as a passenger, can keep yourself safe and stay alert to danger.

What to Watch Out for:

Reckless driving: If your Uber or Lyft driver is swerving, speeding, or exhibiting road rage while driving you to your destination, you should be concerned for your safety. Remain calm and ask to get out at the next exit or the next available pullover spot. You can always call another Uber or Lyft; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Asking inappropriate questions: Uber and Lyft drivers will often attempt to strike a conversation or have small talk with you while on your ride, which is fine. However, if you feel that the questions are too personal (in relation to your life or your destination) you should ask them to stop, and don’t hesitate to report their behavior on your app or through the ridesharing website.

Refusal to follow Uber or Lyft regulations: Basic rules that Uber and Lyft drivers need to follow include: keeping their car clean and safe, following applicable road signs and rules, and taking the fastest and most efficient route to get their passengers to their location in a timely manner. If you feel any of these rules aren’t being followed, you can report your driver, and you should exit the vehicle if you feel unsafe or violated.

If you have been injured in an Uber or Lyft ride, you have the same rights as you would if you were injured by another driver. Uber and Lyft have certain company policies when it comes to insurance and personal injuries, so it’s important to speak to a lawyer who has experience in these cases. Contact the Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia for a free consultation.