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Here Are New California Driving Laws Going Into Effect for 2020

With the new year and the new decade comes fresh challenges for safety officials and lawmakers. To help combat the rise in motor vehicle accidents and fatalities in California, lawmakers have enacted numerous driving laws that will take effect this year. These new laws strive to protect motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians from suffering serious harm in crashes. As such, the California Highway Patrol wants all motorists to familiarize themselves with the new California driving laws. This will help everyone remain safe while driving this year.

Examples of the New 2020 California Driving Laws

Some of the new driving laws that will take effect in 2020 include:

  • AB 317. This law makes it illegal to sell a DMV appointment.
  • SB 485. This law prevents the courts from revoking or restricting the driving privileges of persons convicted of non-driving offenses, such as vandalism.
  • SB 267. This law extends driver’s license validity for U.S. Foreign Service members for up to 30 days after they return to California.
  • AB 1810. This law allows anyone with a valid driver’s license to operate a motorized scooter. A special Class M2 permit is no longer needed.
  • AB 2115. This law requires drivers to change lanes when passing a stopped waste service vehicle.
  • AB 1266. This law permits bicyclists to travel straight through turn lanes at intersections.
  • AB 1820. This law restricts passengers in buses, limos, and taxis from consuming marijuana. However, they can still consume alcohol.
  • AB 392. This law restricts the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers.
  • SB 230. This law requires law enforcement agencies to provide deadly force training to their officers in order to comply with AB 392.

What Should I Do After a California Car Accident?

The new 2020 driving laws will protect some motorists from harm. However, deadly and catastrophic accidents will still occur every day on roadways in California. After a car accident in California, it is important to know what you can do to protect yourself and your future. If you are physically able, then you should consider taking the following steps after a San Jose car accident:

  • Call 911
  • Seek medical help
  • Fill out a police report
  • Exchange information with the “at fault” driver
  • Gather evidence
  • Snap pictures
  • Talk to eyewitnesses
  • Follow medical treatment
  • Contact an attorney

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