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Safety Tips for Drivers and Motorcyclists

If you drive a car, chances are you know that driving alongside a motorcycle can be a confusing and scary experience. This fear can stem from a lack of knowledge regarding safe practices when driving near a motorcycle. In order to avoid deadly collisions between automobile drivers and motorcyclists, there are a few crucial communication tips you should know that can help diminish this fear and make the roads safer for everyone.

What Are Some Helpful Tips for Drivers and Motorcyclists?

– Know that most fatal motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle: Most of the time, the motorcyclist involved in an accident was not at fault, because there are a lot more cars and trucks on the road, and motorcyclists can be difficult to see. Be aware when you’re traveling that motorcyclists can be on the road and claiming you didn’t see them doesn’t always work as a valid excuse for an accident.

– Understand the size difference: With that being said, motorcycles have very narrow profiles, so they can be easily hidden in a car’s blind spots, or they can be hiding behind objects or backgrounds outside a car (bushes, bridges, etc.). If you know there is a motorcycle in your vicinity, take an additional moment to look for them when you’re changing lanes or turning at an intersection.

– Allow extra following distance: Stopping distance for cars and motorcycles is about the same, but on wet and slippery surfaces it can be even more difficult for a motorcycle to brake safely. As a driver, give yourself more following distance behind a motorcycle in order to avoid a crash.

– Realize why motorcyclists adjust position: Motorcyclists will often adjust their position in a lane in order to be seen more clearly and to decrease the effects of road debris, other passing vehicles, and wind. Many drivers will think this motorcyclist behavior is “showing off” or reckless driving, but it’s a way to keep the motorcyclist safe and noticed.

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