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Accident Injury

Whether the accident relates to a car crash, a trip, and fall, a construction worksite mishap or any number of other incidents that caused personal injury, a victim’s bodily injury is usually the result of someone’s negligence, carelessness, or other wrongful behavior. Insurance companies and defense attorneys prefer the term “accident” because that term tends to minimize the degree of fault. It is one of many subtle ways that the defense attempt to reduce what is a fair and reasonable settlement for, what the liability insurance likes to describe as the “occurrence” for the “date of loss”. Don’t let the at-fault person avoid being held accountable for their behavior!

Many people want to know “what is the value of my accident injury”? The answer is that “it depends”. Ultimately, it is a factor of what the wrongdoer, their employer, and/or their insurance is willing to pay and what the victim is willing to accept. In turn, that is typically influenced by what one may reasonably expect a local jury to award should the matter go through a trial. Other factors may include financial resources such as insurance coverage limits, “collectability” of insolvency.

An experienced and savvy attorney can assist in case evaluation, preparation, and presentation with the ultimate goal being to maximize the outcome under the particular set of facts and circumstances. Sometimes that means establishing liability that is not readily obvious, it could also mean finding other parties that could be responsible or increasing the collectability.

Braid Pezzaglia understands the physical, financial, and emotional turmoil and devastation that serious bodily injuries can cause to victims and their families. Mr. Pezzaglia has both the empathy and demeanor to understand, express, and promote your situation to those who need to know. He is a tenacious and aggressive, yet pragmatic and collegial litigator. He works hard to build the necessary rapport that ultimately permits reasonable people to be reasonable, and without undue compromise of his client’s interests. Please call today for a free consultation!