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Doctor holding patient's shoulder and elbow for a stretch.

Rehabilitation for Brain Injury Victims

After a traumatic brain injury, a victim may want to return to their day-to-day activities as soon as possible. However, they cannot do this without the help of a few therapists. Here are the different forms of therapy an accident victim may need in order to make a partial or full recovery.

Types of Therapists

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists focus on a patient’s range of movement through hands-on exercises and care. They focus on recovering a patient’s ability to move, but they also work to prevent potential injuries in the future.

Occupational Therapists

Like physical therapists, occupation therapists focus on adapting to daily activities that the patient may need assistance with. Usually, OTs work on restoring motor skills in the upper region of the body, while physical therapists work on restoring the whole body’s range of function.


Psychologists are recommended for any type of accident as they can be traumatic events. A psychologist works to help a patient emotionally process the trauma they underwent. Sometimes, patients will no longer feel safe driving or being in a vehicle after a traumatic accident, which is understandable.

Speech Therapists

If a person’s TBI is so severe, it may affect how they speak, eat, and make facial expressions—this is where a speech therapist comes in. This form of therapy includes exercises like problem-solving, breathing activities, and conversational tactics to help restore the patient's ability to speak, respond, and swallow.

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