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What Is an Uber or Lyft Driver’s Duty to Prevent a Car Accident?

Ridesharing has become a huge form of transportation for many people, especially people living in big cities. With just a quick tap on your smartphone, you could have a $10-$20 ride in minutes. It’s easy, relatively cheap, and reliable, most of the time. However, if you are in a car accident in an Uber or Lyft ride, you are probably confused as to what your next steps should be. Whose insurance will cover your injuries? How can you determine who was at fault? To figure out what you should do after you were injured in a ridesharing accident, you should first realize what your Uber or Lyft driver’s responsibilities are.

What Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Supposed to Do to Ensure My Safety?

According to Uber and Lyft, there are a few things each company promises to do to help keep their passengers safe. They ensure:

  • Safe pickups: The Uber and Lyft apps automatically find your location to provide door-to-door service. This means you can stay safe in your house or apartment until your driver arrives. This safety feature also decreases the risk of accidents; you won’t have to cross any dangerous roads or walk long distances in order to get to your ride, which diminishes the chance of pedestrian accidents.
  • No discrimination: Uber and Lyft rides are open to everyone and everywhere, so there should not be discrimination based on race, gender, or destination. A driver’s only job is to take you to where you need to be, so all rides should be straightforward and professional.
  • Access to driver profiles: When you’re matched with a driver, you will be able to see their name, license plate number, photo, and rating. You will even be able to contact the driver after your trip in case you left something behind. This public access is especially useful if you get in a car accident; you can use this personal information as evidence that your driver was unsafe.

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