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Ways to Preserve a Slip and Fall Claim

Slip and fall accidents often result in severe injuries, requiring large amounts of rehabilitation. The average person cannot afford the costs of rehabilitation without giving up his or her current lifestyle. If your slip and fall injury was caused by another party’s negligence, then you may be entitled to financial compensation.

An experienced San Jose slip and fall attorney will investigate your accident and uncover any relevant evidence. However, there are actions you can take immediately after an accident to help preserve your slip and fall claim. They include:

Seeking Immediate Medical Attention.

If you are badly hurt after a slip and fall accident, then you should seek immediate medical attention. The longer you wait to receive medical support, the less likely that an insurance company will take your claim. The medical professionals at the accident scene or the hospital can provide you with documentation of your injuries. You and your legal representation can use this documentation as evidence during your injury claim. Also, if you have no visible injuries, then you should still visit a doctor at your earliest convenience. In some cases, injuries take several days to manifest themselves after a slip and fall accident.

Reporting the Accident.

If your slip and fall accident took place at work or another business establishment, then you should submit an incident report. Companies are required to document any accidents on their premises for insurance purposes. It is important that you speak to a manager and provide details about the time and nature of the accident. Your attorney can use this report as evidence to prove that your slip and fall accident took place. However, you should never say anything beyond simply reporting the accident. Consult with a San Jose slip and fall lawyer before establishing any further communication with a businesses’ insurance company or legal counsel.

Gathering Evidence.

Gathering evidence is one of the most important actions that you can take after a slip and fall accident. If you have sustained a concussion or serious injury, then you will not be able to gather evidence immediately after an accident. An ambulance will be called, and you will most likely be taken to the hospital. However, your attorney can request access to the security cameras at the business establishment where your accident took place.

If your injury is not severe and you are able to move, then you should begin by taking pictures of the accident scene, focusing on the elements that contributed to your slip and fall. This includes the conditions surrounding the premises and any other evidence that could prove useful to your claim. Finally, you should obtain the contact information of any witnesses to your slip and fall accident. If a person is willing to appear on the record and corroborate your story, then the chances of your injury claim succeeding will increase.

Consulting With a San Jose Slip and Fall Attorney.

After receiving medical attention and gathering the appropriate evidence, you should consult with an experienced attorney. A San Jose slip and fall lawyer will confirm if your accident meets the legal standard for an injury claim. He or she will also send a letter of preservation to the premises owner, asking that they do not destroy any evidence related to your accident. If the premises owner fails to abide by the terms of this letter, then they could face severe legal consequences.

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If you are injured after a slip and fall, then you should immediately take steps to preserve your slip and fall accident claim. However, there are certain actions that require the experience of a San Jose slip and fall attorney.

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