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The Relationship Between High Potency Cannabis Oils and the Onset of Psychosis

Since marijuana and cannabinoid use is now legal in California, many people are visiting dispensaries for the first time. Cannabis oil is quickly becoming popular for people who enjoy smoke-free alternatives in the form of topicals, edibles and vape oil.

However, there is a growing amount of research suggesting that there is a relationship between high potency oils and psychotic disorders. People who regularly use cannabis oil and have an ultra-high risk for psychosis are transitioning into psychosis at higher rates.

Psychotic disorders are severe mental health conditions whose main symptoms include experiencing hallucinations, hearing voices or engaging in delusional thinking. Psychosis is generally experienced as an “episode,” where acute versions of these symptoms appear.

Recent research suggests that heavy cannabis users are nearly four times more likely to develop a psychotic disorder than non-users. Average cannabis users are also nearly two times more likely to develop a psychotic disorder than non-users.

This increase in psychotic disorders is directly linked to new products that contain higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is one of the main compounds in the average cannabis flower that produces the “stoned” experience.

The psychological effects of THC have captured the attention of many scientists in America. Studies clearly show that healthy individuals experience higher levels of psychosis when given THC compounds. For cannabis oil users with a predisposition to psychotic disorders, the symptoms experienced are even more pronounced.

It is important to recognize that the road to recovery after experiencing a psychotic episode varies from person to person. Some people recover within a short period of time, and others may take weeks, months or even years to recover.

What Are the Legal Ramifications for Marijuana Companies Engaging in False Advertisement?

If you enter psychosis after experimenting with cannabis oil, then you will need a strong support system to help you recover. Many people have no one to rely upon and wind up suffering from severe physical and financial stress.

San Jose product defect lawyer can help you file a claim against a marijuana company that engages in false advertisement. Since access to recreational marijuana is new in America, many companies are claiming that their products contain health benefits that simply do not exist.

They are also fooling the public by claiming that their products contain lower concentrations of THC. Upon further review, many cannabis oils contain higher concentrations of THC than previously advertised.

Marijuana companies will make the argument that products containing marijuana and cannabinoids are far safer than cigarettes. Yet, cigarette companies enjoy some inherent protections against legal claims.

The reason for this is that cigarette companies are required to disclose any health risks their products may contain. The federal government has strict guidelines for cigarette companies, making it easy for them to stay out of trouble.

Also, the risks for smoking cigarettes are widely known. Many cigarette companies are able to avoid product defect lawsuits due to the “assumed risk” doctrine in the law. The consumer willingly takes on the risk when smoking a cigarette, so any downside is their own fault.

The same cannot be said for marijuana companies that are selling high potency oils. There is a growing amount of confusion about the health risks associated with marijuana and cannabinoid oil. Many companies claim that their products contain magical cures to everything from depression to cancer.

However, we now know that there is a considerable body of evidence suggesting that marijuana use can produce psychosis. These findings have not been communicated effectively to the public, making it difficult to argue that the risks associated with marijuana-based products are widely known.

It is also important to understand that product liability cases are not just about disclosure. Design flaws and manufacturing mistakes will play a huge role in future lawsuits against marijuana companies.

For example, a marijuana company can conduct a THC level test and promote this on their product’s packaging. However, THC level tests are often inaccurate and a different test may result in a completely different assessment.

Experience a Psychotic Episode After Applying High Potency Cannabis Oil? Contact Us Today for Legal Assistance

No one should suffer from the onset of psychosis after applying high potency cannabis oil. If a marijuana company failed to provide you with warnings or instructions associated with usage or known risk, then you should contact the Law Offices of Braid Pezzaglia today at (408) 650-8955 and schedule a free initial consultation.

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