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Why Are Animal Bites So Common And How Can You Take Precaution?

Not only do animal bite injuries result in traumatic and emotional experiences, they also can present a legal conundrum. You could be seriously injured, and you could also face difficulties with insurance companies while trying to collect damages for your claim. The most common animal bite injury comes from a dog, but it could be any animal, like a snake or an escaped zoo animal. Animal bite injuries can happen in any place at any time, so it’s important to know how to avoid them, as well as how to properly deal with the incident.

What You’ll Need To Know For Your Individual Dog Bite Case

First, it’s important to realize that animal bites are often considered separate from other personal injuries. They are handled differently, because they often involve unique factors, including the relationship between the victim and the owner of the animal. Most of the time, these cases focus on whether the owner knew or should have known that the animal was dangerous to other humans. It’s also important to know which states have certain breeds that have been declared dangerous under breed-specific legislation.

Each case is different and has its own sequence of events, so it’s crucial to know what laws apply in your state, and what evidence will be needed for your specific case. Evidence can include pictures of your personal injury, of broken or faulty fences surrounding the property, or of misplaced or ineffective signs or warnings. Some cities and counties will hold the owner liable if he or she knows that the dog has been previously aggressive, or they could have predicted it based on breed, size or temperament.

Animal bites can result in horrible facial disfigurement, broken bones, or serious neurological damage. Mr. Pezzaglia has handled dog bite and other dangerous animal cases for nearly 20 years. He has held accountable persons whose negligence or other wrongful behavior caused terrible personal injuries.