Meet Attorney Braid Pezzaglia

Personal Injury Attorney Braid Pezzaglia

Born in San Francisco, Braid Pezzaglia is a 5th generation Californian. Mr. Pezzaglia grew up engaged in competitive swimming, tennis, tae kwon do and classical piano. He achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, was a Brownsea leader, and a local representative in jamborees in both Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia and Sydney, Australia. Additionally, he served as a Eucharistic minister. Mr. Pezzaglia studied Business Administration at the University of California, Riverside where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science.

Thereafter, he was employed by Interactive Network, a technology start-up in Mountain View, California and Medtronics, an S&P 500 medical technology development company in Pleasanton. With this background, Mr. Pezzaglia studied law at the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California. He studied comparative civil rights of the then-newly formed European Union at the University of Salzburg, Austria as co-taught by United States Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy. Mr. Pezzaglia also studied at the University of London, England while interning with a local barrister, leaning valuable and fundamental litigation strategies and techniques that continue to influence his legal practice today.

Mr. Pezzaglia remains involved in civic matters. He volunteers his time on local boards, committees, and oversight commissions, including through the Mountain View Whisman School District, the Santa Clara County Bar Association, and the Ryland Mews Homeowners Association. He serves as a volunteer arbitrator, hearing and adjudicating disputes between attorneys and clients, having the effect of prompt and fair resolution of disputes that otherwise would consume valuable party and court resources. Mr. Pezzaglia has also volunteered his time as an invited lecturer to local students offering his perspective of personal injury litigation, and assisted with Santa Clara University’s legal clinic mentoring law students on their active cases. He has also actively participated in the County Bar Association’s Civil Practice Committee offering insight to the local judges and court system as to case handling and other procedural significance.

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