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Braid Pezzaglia is a prolific and productive civil litigator, and he founded his own personal injury law firm with the goal of using his experience and skills to offer reliable, affordable representation to injury victims throughout San Jose and the surrounding areas.

During his 19 years with Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel, and its various iterations, Mr. Pezzaglia averaged millions of dollars in money collected per year. He naturally became the de facto go-to person and attorney for his colleagues’ family, friends and other VIPs.

Over the years, Mr. Pezzaglia has taken many cases to trial through verdict, including both jury and bench trials. Easy cases settle, and some attorneys only take on easy cases for that very reason. However, it is having the fortitude to take a stand and protect his clients that sets Mr. Pezzaglia apart. He has gained equally valuable insight from his successful appellate practice; opposing parties frequently find that judgments and rulings remain in Mr. Pezzaglia’s favor.

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Mr. Pezzaglia is both aggressive and tenacious, yet also an honest, collegial and pragmatic lawyer. He is principled and resolution-oriented, as well as being well-respected by the local judges, magistrates, commissioners and attorneys. Despite the adversarial nature of litigation, opposing counsel, insurance adjusters, and even their clients, have been known to put aside differences to consult and collaborate with Mr. Pezzaglia in unrelated matters years later. Perhaps most insightful, Mr. Pezzaglia’s past clients frequently continue to consult with him, even about random musings or matters of personal, family and professional pride.

Braid Pezzaglia takes his own pride in the broad diversity of people, religions, and cultures he has represented and come to appreciate. He recognizes that every person regardless of their life history, background, preference, identity or lifestyle is worthy dignity and respect. We all have stories to tell and unique perspectives to share. Mr. Pezzaglia has the natural insatiable curiosity, drive and empathy necessary to truly understand your issues. He gives his clients a voice, no matter the adversity of the circumstances. When you are facing your darkest hour, Braid Pezzaglia can help you find the light. Do not settle for less.

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