My mom and I got in a major rear end vehicle accident and decided that we needed a lawyer for our injuries. We chose Braid to represent us in our case. In our initial meeting, we felt that Braid was very informative and detailed about the overall process. Braid and Aida followed up with us consistently and kept us up to date during the whole procedure. Aida is a sweetheart and was very helpful if we had any questions or concerns. The process was seamless and they exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to represent us.

– Jasmine F.

I had a major problem with one of my ex-employees who was fired for basically going out of control over the period of several months, ending up with aggressive racist insults, blackmail attempts, death threats, and phone stalking of me and my business partner (after an unsuccessful attempt to become part-owner of our small business). Police did basically nothing, though I gave them recordings of the death threats left in my voicemail and about 6 months of escalatingly violent texts. As an employer, I found out that I had absolutely no support from labor organizations, all I contacted being geared towards helping employees, not business owners. I was afraid to step on the street, flinched with every car that passed by, couldn’t sleep because I was threatened with violence in my home, a complete wreck. (Sorry I go on, this is still a traumatic subject…)

Due to lack of funds, desire not to destroy the employees life (he worked with us for 10 years, and there were obviously severe mental issues causing this deterioration), as well as, frankly, fear, I wanted to get him to simply leave us alone, and not start a long legal battle that would end up with me in debt, him in jail instead of treatment and no one winning.

Finally, on a recommendation of a friend, I contacted Mr. Pezzaglia, who agreed to help guide me through an effective series of steps that defused the situation and ensured that ex-employee will not bother us again. He was endlessly friendly and supportive, both with his legal knowledge and emotionally, easy to talk with, and always worked within my means and with consideration of my practical concerns. I felt that he really cares for his clients as people first. Forever grateful!

– Sandra B.

I was faced with a legal issue that was reasonably simple, but which I recognized as possibly becoming far worse if it wasn’t taken care of. In the past when I’ve had issues like this I’ve found it very difficult to find a lawyer who would focus on getting what I needed done without creating unnecessary complications and expense.

Braid Pezzaglia very quickly assessed the situation and acted correctly, honestly and diligently to help me with the issue. He definitely went the extra mile for me, but he didn’t drag me into a lot of unnecessary churn. The people I was dealing with were a difficult lot and his efforts were the deciding factor in a satisfactory outcome.

Not only would I recommend this firm in the future, but I will use them for any other legal matters I need addressed in future without hesitation. Even if Braid is an exceptional example of the people who work there (and it wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case) he sets a standard of above average service that reflects well on the firm as a whole.

– Michael R.

Braid Pezzaglia helped settle an insurance matter, and he was attentive and responsive every step of the way. Communication was clear, and he made every effort to keep me in the loop whenever developments arose. They had a helpful Vietnamese woman to translate whenever my parents had difficulty understanding some legal terminology.

– Kevin P.