Santa Clara County Bicycle Accident Attorney


Santa Clara County Bicycle Accident Attorney

Cycling As A Way Of Life

For many Santa Clara County bicyclists, cycling is a way of life.  Whether participating in a supported long distance ride, or training for one, the passion and dedication to the sport cannot be underestimated.  A traumatic brain injury, serious spinal injury, or even a shoulder derangement can take it all away with the blink of an eye.

Collisions Usually Involve Negligence, Carelessness, or Other Wrongful Behavior

Whether the Santa Clara Bicycle Accident involves a solo bicycle crash, a bicycle vs car collision, a bicycle vs motorcycle crash, a bicycle vs truck wreck, or a bicycle vs pedestrian collision, a Santa Clara Bicycle Accident victim’s bodily injury is likely the result of someone’s negligence, carelessness, or other wrongful behavior.

An Experienced Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Trustworthy and highly respected Santa Clara Bicycle Accident Attorneys can assist in a bicycle accident’s case evaluation, preparation and presentation with the ultimate goal being to maximize the outcome under the particular set of facts and circumstances.  It is not just understanding the raw data, but having the pull with or ear of insurance adjusters, and/or defense attorneys that can seal the deal.

Braid Pezzaglia Will Help You

Braid Pezzaglia will help you with Santa Clara Bicycle Accidents.  He is an attorney who understands the physical, financial and emotional turmoil and devastation that serious and catastrophic bodily injuries from Bicycle Accidents in Santa Clara can cause to victims and their families.  Mr. Pezzaglia has the empathy and the demeanor to understand, to express, and ultimately to promote your case to those who need to know.  He is tenacious and aggressive, yet also a pragmatic and collegial Santa Clara Bicycle Accident Attorney.  He works hard to build the necessary rapport that ultimately permits reasonable people to be reasonable, and without undue compromise of his client’s interests.  Please call today for a free consultation!

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