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San Jose Bicycle Accident Attorney


San Jose Bicycle Accident Attorney

Whether the San Jose Bicycle Accident involves a solo bicycle crash, a bicycle vs car collision, a bicycle vs motorcycle crash, a bicycle vs truck wreck, or a bicycle vs pedestrian collision, a San Jose Bicycle Accident victim’s personal injury tort claim is probably the foreseeable result of someone’s negligence, carelessness, thoughtlessness, recklessness or other wrongful behavior.

The claims process it is stacked in favor of well funded insurance companies.

The liability indemnity insurance industry and defense lawyers enjoy that the term “accident” is so widespread. Even investigating police officers call their reports “accident reports”. The word “accident” softens the degree of fault and conditions for reduced accountability. After all, the defense would argue, “we all make mistakes”. The insurance defense industry sanitizes the true nature of the wrongful conduct, no matter how reprehensible, by characterizing the consequential injury, no matter how heinous, as the “occurrence” on the “date of loss”.

Liability insurance carriers are not there to do favors in an adversarial process. They owe no duty to the victim. The California Supreme Court’s terminated that duty, which was the foundation of third party bad faith theory. Believe it or not, once upon a time, innocent victims could could sue an insurance carrier for engaging in questionable claims handling practices. However efforts to legislate its return have always been deftly met with considerable tort reform financial resources aimed to quash the victim’s ability to keep them honest. Until the playing field is leveled, the insurance industry behemoth will take advantage of the inexperienced and unwary when opportunity presents. Don’t let the irresponsible person avoid being held accountable for their actions!

What is the value of my case?

Most people want to know “what is my San Jose Bicycle Accident injury worth”? The answer is “it depends”. Every case, like every person, is unique. Ultimately, value of the San Jose Bicycle Accident is the reflection of what the irresponsible person, their employer and / or their indemnity insurance company is willing to pay to compensate for claimed damages and what the victim is willing to accept in payment to compensate for those damages. In turn, that is usually influenced by the reasoned expectation of what a Santa Clara County jury, judge or arbitrator might award should the matter go through a hearing or trial in Santa Clara County. Other relevant factors usually include financial resources of the irresponsible person such as available liability insurance coverage limits, “collectability”, or party solvency.

Braid Pezzaglia is an experienced attorney!

An attorney advocates their client’s interests. An experienced and savvy San Jose Bicycle Accident Attorney can assist in a San Jose bicycle accident’s case evaluation, preparation and presentation with the ultimate goal being to maximize the outcome. Sometimes this means strategically defining and promoting a theory of liability that is not readily obvious or appreciated. Other times it may involve exercising calculated or intuitive discretion in the decision-making process. It always involves the appreciation of calculated risks.

Braid Pezzaglia will help you with San Jose Bicycle Accidents. He is an attorney who understands the physical, financial and emotional turmoil and devastation that serious and catastrophic bodily injuries from Bicycle Accidents in San Jose can cause to victims and their families. Mr. Pezzaglia has the empathy and the demeanor to understand, to express, and to promote your case to those who need to know. He is tenacious and aggressive, yet also a pragmatic and collegial San Jose Bicycle Accident Attorney. He works hard to build the necessary rapport that ultimately permits reasonable people to be reasonable, and without undue compromise of his client’s interests. Please call today for a free consultation!

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