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What Do I Do If I Am Injured by a Light Rail Train?

A San Jose man was recently the victim of an accident involving a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority light-rail train. According to reports, the man was crossing the tracks on either McKee Road or North Capitol Avenue when he was hit by the train. Emergency responders were able to pull him from beneath the train…. Read More

How Common Are Electric Shock Injuries on Construction Sites?

A construction worker in San Jose was injured by an electrical shock and hospitalized in late September. While digging near South Kiely Blvd. and Norwalk Drive, the construction crew hit an underground power line. The shock caused injuries to the 45-year-old man and the live wire trapped another worker inside a construction vehicle. He was…. Read More

Santa Clara County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Electric Vehicles Present A New Hazard To Pedestrians With the onset and growing usage of electrical vehicles, for example, new hazards present where none previously existed.  The vehicles are quiet or silent allowing them to sneak up on or back into pedestrians causing serious bodily injury. Pedestrian Accidents Can Cause Serious Injury Whether a Santa Clara County Pedestrian Accident involves…. Read More

San Jose Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian Accidents Can Result in Catastrophic Injury Whether a San Jose Pedestrian Accident involves a motor vehicle, a truck, a bus, a train, a motorcycle, a bicycle, a motor scooter, or some other vehicle, the resulting bodily injury is frequently serious if not catastrophic.  Typically, the San Jose Pedestrian Accident is the result of someone’s negligence, carelessness or other wrongful act or omission.  Do not let…. Read More

Car Accidents

Motor Vehicle Collisions Whether the Car Accident relates to a car crash, a motorcycle vs car collision, a bicycle vs auto crash, a truck vs car wreck, or a pedestrian vs. automobile collision, a victim’s bodily injury is usually the result of someone’s negligence, carelessness or other wrongful behavior.  Insurance companies and defense attorneys prefer the term “accident” because that term tends to minimize the…. Read More

Santa Clara County Bicycle Accident Attorney

Cycling As A Way Of Life For many Santa Clara County bicyclists, cycling is a way of life.  Whether participating in a supported long distance ride, or training for one, the passion and dedication to the sport cannot be underestimated.  A traumatic brain injury, serious spinal injury, or even a shoulder derangement can take it all away with the blink of…. Read More

San Jose Bicycle Accident Attorney

Whether the San Jose Bicycle Accident involves a solo bicycle crash, a bicycle vs car collision, a bicycle vs motorcycle crash, a bicycle vs truck wreck, or a bicycle vs pedestrian collision, a San Jose Bicycle Accident victim’s personal injury tort claim is probably the foreseeable result of someone’s negligence, carelessness, thoughtlessness, recklessness or other…. Read More

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